RSC Shipping Carton 24436

428mm x 380mm x 297mm

Unit Price : From $2.84

Buy 250 to 499 : $2.84 Per unit
Buy 500 to 999 : $2.39 Per unit
Buy 1,000 or more: $2.06 Per unit

*all prices include GST

At Australian Corrugated Packaging, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of high-quality cardboard boxes. Whether you're running a small or large business in Melbourne, we have the perfect packaging solution for you. With our selection of corrugated cardboard boxes, you can ensure your products are safely transported and kept in pristine condition.

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Cardboard Boxes Range

Our range includes small cardboard boxes for delicate items, large cardboard boxes for bulky items, and everything in between. You can be sure to find the perfect box to fit your needs. Why choose Australian Corrugated Packaging Melbourne for your packaging needs?

First, we're a proudly Australian-owned and operated business. We take pride in sourcing our materials locally, contributing to the local economy, and reducing carbon emissions linked to the transportation of materials. Next, each of our cardboard boxes for sale is made from high-quality corrugated cardboard. This keeps your products safe from damage during transportation.

We understand the diverse needs of businesses. Therefore, we offer boxes in a variety of sizes. Whether you're shipping small, delicate items or large, heavy machinery, we have a box that will perfectly suit your needs.

We believe in making packaging solutions accessible to all businesses. That's why we maintain competitive prices for all our products. Despite the affordability, we never compromise on quality.

Cardboard Packaging in Melbourne

At Australian Corrugated Packaging, we understand that packaging is not just about protecting your products; it's also about presenting your brand. With our customisable cardboard boxes, you can create a packaging solution that resonates with your brand identity. 

We work closely with you to understand your brand's identity and requirements. Our design team will use their expertise to create a unique, innovative packaging design that communicates your brand's message effectively. Whether you want a simple, minimalist design or a colourful, vibrant design, we can make it happen.

Also, we believe in responsible business practices. That's why we adhere to sustainable manufacturing processes. All our cardboard boxes are made from recycled or sustainable sources. By choosing our cardboard packaging solutions, you're not only securing your products but also securing a better future for our environment.

How To Choose The Right Cardboard Boxes

Choosing the right cardboard box for your products is crucial to ensure optimal protection and presentation. Here are three simple steps to help you find the perfect cardboard boxes:

  1. Determine Your Product’s Size and Weight: Measure your product’s dimensions and weight to choose the appropriate box size. Remember, there should be enough space for packaging materials to prevent movement during transit. If your product is heavy, consider using double-walled boxes for extra strength and durability.
  2. Consider Your Branding Needs: Customised cardboard boxes can serve as a valuable marketing tool. Consider your brand identity and how you can incorporate it into your packaging design. Remember, the box is the first thing your customers see, so make it count!
  3. Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging Options: Nowadays, more customers prefer businesses that show commitment to sustainability. Choose cardboard boxes made of recycled or sustainable materials to show your commitment to the environment.

With these simple steps, you can find the perfect box that provides ideal protection for your products and serves as an effective marketing tool.

Why Choose Australian Corrugated Packaging for Cardboard Boxes?

  • Premium Quality Products: We use only the highest quality corrugated cardboard for our boxes, ensuring optimal protection for your products.
  • Customisable Designs: We offer fully customisable box designs, allowing you to create packaging that embodies your brand identity.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: All our cardboard boxes are made from recycled or sustainable materials and manufactured through environmentally safe processes.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: We understand the need for prompt delivery in a fast-paced business world. That’s why we prioritise swift turnaround times.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our team is dedicated to providing superior customer service. We are here to assist you with any questions you may have.

Upgrade your packaging game with our top-of-the-line cardboard boxes. Browse our website to check out our wide variety of cardboard boxes for sale or contact us at 03 9462 2323 to address any specific requirements. We look forward to aiding your business growth through high-quality, eco-friendly packaging solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cardboard Boxes in Melbourne 


Do you have cardboard boxes for sale in Melbourne?

– Yes, at Australian Corrugated Packaging, we offer an extensive range of high-quality cardboard boxes for sale. Our range includes everything from small cardboard boxes for delicate items to large cardboard boxes for bulky ones.

Can I get custom cardboard packaging in Melbourne?

– Absolutely! We understand that packaging is vital to brand presentation. As such, we provide customisable cardboard boxes that allow you to create a packaging solution that perfectly resonates with your brand identity.

Are your cardboard boxes in Melbourne eco-friendly?

– Yes, we adhere to sustainable manufacturing processes where all our cardboard boxes are made from recycled or sustainable sources. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every part of our business.

Can I purchase large cardboard boxes from your Melbourne store?

– Yes, you can. We offer large cardboard boxes perfect for shipping bulky items. Whether you're transporting small delicate goods or large heavy machinery, we have the perfect packaging solution for you.

Does your range cater to small businesses needing smaller cardboard box quantities in Melbourne?

– Definitely! At Australian Corrugated Packaging, we believe in making packaging solutions accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size. Therefore, we offer a variety of high-quality small cardboard boxes ideal for smaller businesses or those needing fewer quantities.

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