Product packaging makes up almost 30% of generated waste every year. Which means that nearly 83 million tons of waste yearly.

With the increase rise in e-commerce based businesses, there are no signs of packaging waste decreasing. What we need to do is support sustainable packaging by reducing your businesses impact on the use of packaging.

At ACP, we operate on a zero waste premise. What this means that through our production process, we recycle 100% of the waste that we have when producing your packaging. This waste is then recycled and the end result is back in your cardboard again. We support this process to ensure that we are making our own contributions to a sustainable future. In addition, the materials that we use are 100% recyclable which means that everything we produce can be recycled in your recycling waste. This helps to ensure that we are providing products to businesses who can equally support the new way of sustainable packaging.

Tips on incorporating sustainable packaging into your business:

  • Purchase from Australian manufacturers who can trace back to the origins of the cardboard
  • Ensure that you are using 100% recycable cardboard
  • Use a packaging box that is close to your product size as possible to reduce the waste.
  • Order product samples before purchasing in bulk to ensure that you are correctly purchasing.
  • Avoid unncessary fillers within the packaging box itself.
  • Let customers know what to do with their packaging once they are finished. For example, let them know that the cardboard box that they are using is 100% recyclable.